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Where Ideas Launch - Sustainable Innovation Podcast

Where Ideas Launch - The Podcast for the sustainable Innovator has achieved a global top 5% ranking and continues to push boundaries on what’s possible to heal our planet and our world.The podcast shines its light on sustainable heroes, businesses, educators, and activists working toward a purpose; a planet that can sustain the life within it. 

Our line-up includes outstanding management thinkers, educators, consultants, coaches, chief executives, artists, entrepreneurs and many others.

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This podcast aims to:

  • Explore creativity from the eyes of educators, professionals, entrepreneurs, and artists.
  • Examine sustainable business models, circular economy, waste management, energy, supply chains and other ways to support the UN sustainable development goals.
  • Challenge the status quo: spark momentum for change.

Statistics: - Leader in the category of management.

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Nov 2, 2021

I’m supposed to have hope.

To be an activist for change, an advocate for better ways of living with the flora and fauna and other humans on the planet, you have to believe a new future is possible, instead of being on track to hit 2.7 degrees of warming.

As much as I’m a hopeful optimist, I am nagged by the pessimism of doubt, understandably because we’ve known about the coming crisis since the club of Rome report in the 1970s.

Thats 50 years we had to start doing something, and now we leave a lot of work to get done in a short space of time.

What fills me with hope, is that our young people are learning things we didn’t learn. Yes there’s a bit of carbon tunnel vision in that learning, but it still beats denial, which seems to have finally left the building.

COP 26 takes place in Scotland over 2 weeks, and opinions are mixed on whether or not we will make meaningful change.

Listen in to my experts and what they've got to share with you.