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Where Ideas Launch - The Podcast for the Sustainable Innovator

Where Ideas Launch aims to answer the question, by asking deeper and better questions. It aims to prompt change not by staying in the analysis, but by originating a new genesis.

This podcast aims to:

  1. Challenge the status quo: show you how to speak truth to power, in a way that sparks momentum for change.
  2. We will explore creativity from the eyes of educators, business people, entrepreneurs, and artists.
  3. We will examine sustainable clothing brands, sustainable business models, and other ways to support the UN sustainable development goals.

Apr 21, 2021

Gjorgji Rafajlovski (Gogo)  is the Operational Director @SEEUTechPark in North Macedonia and an IP Consultant who helps entrepreneurs and innovative startups reach their maximum potential.

With an ongoing 15+ years of a successful career in managing StartUp Centers, Incubators, Accelerators & TechParks, Gogo has built...

Apr 14, 2021

“I want to live in a technologically advanced world that works in harmony with nature rather than against it. I’ve chosen to dedicate the rest of my life’s work facilitating its reality.”

Katherine Ann Byam (MBA, FCCA) is a business resilience coach and strategic partner to leaders who are championing...

Apr 7, 2021

Saleema Vellani is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, a professor, and the author of Innovation Starts With “I”. She’s the Founder / CEO of Ripple Impact, which helps entrepreneurs increase their influence and impact through acce