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Where Ideas Launch - The Podcast for the Sustainable Innovator

Where Ideas Launch aims to answer the question, by asking deeper and better questions. It aims to prompt change not by staying in the analysis, but by originating a new genesis.

This podcast aims to:

  1. Challenge the status quo: show you how to speak truth to power, in a way that sparks momentum for change.
  2. We will explore creativity from the eyes of educators, business people, entrepreneurs, and artists.
  3. We will examine sustainable clothing brands, sustainable business models, and other ways to support the UN sustainable development goals.

Sep 23, 2021

Preparing to go to market is separate from going to market; there are a host of other decisions that need to be made at this stage, principally around audience building and or client attraction. For product marketers, it includes critical supply chain decisions, as well as the choice of commercial strategy.

For service...

Sep 10, 2021

Yvonne Phillip aka Yves is a Brand Strategist, Stylist and Self-care advocate.  Yves believes that you have to stand out to fit in and not only do you have to stand out to fit in but if women sustain themselves, they can sustain the world. She helps service-based professionals who feel that they are not being noticed,...

Sep 7, 2021

What’s the biggest mistake people make when they go to market?

They skip steps and take shortcuts that are anything but the short root to success.

Every step we've spoken of in Season 3 including the Market research, Niche, I deal Client, Testing, and others all need to flow before the Go to Market Strategy can have a...

Sep 3, 2021

Fanny Rousseau is a french slow-fashion designer based in Brussels. Through her clothing brand, Trousseau, she empowers women to feel beautiful and safe and free in their clothes. She advocates for inclusivity by offering a large size range and custom sizing! She also helps other brands define their aesthetics and have...

Sep 1, 2021

Polly sat on the client-side in a marketing manager role at BMW (UK) Ltd before founding what is now The Typeface Group (TFG) in 2010. She’s an ideas person, blending creativity and commercial awareness to ensure the delivery team at TFG do just that. 

The Typeface Group are on a mission to give ambitious...