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Where Ideas Launch - Sustainable Innovation Podcast

Where Ideas Launch - The Podcast for the sustainable Innovator has achieved a global top 5% ranking and continues to push boundaries on what’s possible to heal our planet and our world.The podcast shines its light on sustainable heroes, businesses, educators, and activists working toward a purpose; a planet that can sustain the life within it. 

Our line-up includes outstanding management thinkers, educators, consultants, coaches, chief executives, artists, entrepreneurs and many others.

To access the podcast and its resources, go to our website  Where Ideas Launch – The Podcast for the Sustainable Innovator

This podcast aims to:

  • Explore creativity from the eyes of educators, professionals, entrepreneurs, and artists.
  • Examine sustainable business models, circular economy, waste management, energy, supply chains and other ways to support the UN sustainable development goals.
  • Challenge the status quo: spark momentum for change.

Statistics: - Leader in the category of management.

Global top 5% Podcast

#7 UK Innovation Podcast

#12 UK Sustainability Podcast

7900+ downloads.

Downloaded in 81 Countries

69 chart appearances

36 country rankings

16 Top 10 chart listings

Number 1 in 4 Countries

Oct 16, 2021

Miriam Dorsett is a serial entrepreneur, a full-time artist, and a community activator. Her passions are the arts, our community, technology, and sustainability. In 2016 she founded the connection company Chibur. 

In 2018 they launched their first product IA. IA is a digital platform providing writers with an easy-to-use system to monetize their content. Followed by IB  An anonymous messaging exchange service that increases your mental health.

Miriam is also the founder and CEO of The Zen Zone Business model, an Editor at Tropicult Magazine, and the founder of Bootstrap Publications. 

Her passion for the community has led her to be the Meetup Host for Product Hunt South Florida, the Ambassador of Creative Industries for Venture Cafe Miami the Miami Community

Manager for Entre and Finimize and she is an active member on the organizing committee for 1 Million Cups Miami.

Miriam and I discuss her passion for community organising around sustainability, her work as an entrepreneur and artist, and her latest art project.