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Where Ideas Launch - The Podcast for the Sustainable Innovator

Where Ideas Launch aims to answer the question, by asking deeper and better questions. It aims to prompt change not by staying in the analysis, but by originating a new genesis.

This podcast aims to:

  1. Challenge the status quo: show you how to speak truth to power, in a way that sparks momentum for change.
  2. We will explore creativity from the eyes of educators, business people, entrepreneurs, and artists.
  3. We will examine sustainable clothing brands, sustainable business models, and other ways to support the UN sustainable development goals.

Jun 19, 2021

Katherine Ann Byam MBA, FCCA, is a Business resilience coach and strategic partner to leaders on sustainability, leadership and digital transformation for marketing and operations.

She collaborates with small and medium-sized businesses as well as social organisations on their digital transformation in both marketing and operations, with a sustainability lens. Her aim is to address solutions that consider society and environmental resiliency at their core so that her clients preserve their longevity and a fair return for innovation and ingenuity.

She works with leaders toward championing greater purpose and designing fulfilling leadership experiences in an evolving complex landscape. 

Her brands include The Dieple Virtual Services Hub, Diep_Linked, Where Ideas Launch, Women in Sustainable Business, The Eco-Business Growth Club, Career Sketching and the Wing Woman to your genius.

This episode of the podcast covers Sustainable goal #8 Decent work and Economic growth, a common thread of the podcast. She examines

  • Equality vs Equity,
  • Brewed Indecency
  • The International Labour Organisations take on Decency,
  • And Contracts that favour the larger of 2 entities.

If you are enjoying Katherine’s work on this podcast, do rate, review and recommend this work to others. Season 3 starts on the first of July and will be an intensive season on building a business from the ground up, going from Idea to CEO and everything in between.